Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Dreams in the Witch House" -the accents.

J David Moeller, reporting.

-Chicago; "Dreams in the Witch House" takes place in H.P. Lovecraft's mythical town of Arkham, Massachusetts at the equally mythical Miskatonic University.

There are ten cast members, some of whom are playing multiple characters. Accents are flying all over the place. There's a German lodger in the Witch House as well as various characters (priests, policemen, librarians, witches, familiars, mothers and fathers, university students) from around the area using varying degrees of regional and middle American dialects.

Wrangling all these sounds into a cohesive melange is Jason Kirk Martin.

Jason watches as actors go through their paces in the dialect workshop.

The cast had it's first meeting with Jason Wednesday. He began his coaching with the physicalization of the accents and sounds; and by having the actors move about the rehearsal space while listening to examples of the accents being worked and then having them imagine and exagerate the physical characteristics of the recorded voices while echoing what they heard.

Kate Brown exaggerates one of her characters in a dialect workshop.

Poster design by Charlie Athanas

--Running November 16 thru December 21 at Chicago's Atheneaum Theater Studio 3--

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