Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Dreams in the Witch House" -The 4th Dimension

by J David Moeller

Thomas Whittington plays Walter Gilman who discovers
a way in and out of the Fourth Dimension in WildClaw Theatre's
"Dreams in the Witch House"

Chicago; -"Dreams in the Witch House" takes place on "May Eve" in Arkham, Massachusetts.

The local police have instigated a "Walpurgis Curfew" to protect the townsfolk from the strange goings on that occur annually on April 30...around midnight.
Seems a newborn baby dissappears...never to be found. A serial killer? Witchcraft? Magic?

Gilman seeks answers to why he's having certain disturbing dreams from Prof. Upham, his geometry professor who advocates keeping an open mind vis-a-vis the study of higher mathematics and the link to folklore and mythology.

But there are other questions that perplex Gilman as well. Who is Maurewicz, the quirky neighbor? Or Keziah Mason, long dead these two hundred years. Why does everyone shudder at the mention of the name Brown Jenkins? What is the strange connection to Lillith, the young pregnant woman he met on the bus to Arkham?

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