Wednesday, November 5, 2008


by J David Moeller

Chicago; -There are some action filled moments in the show that need careful choreography. Murders, stabbings, gorings, and the such (it is a horror show after all) and Scott Cummins is in charge of maintaining the actors' life and limbs, if not those of the characters they are portraying.

Cummins is currently appearing as Mortimer in the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre's "Edward II" through November 9 and is the acclaimed director of Seanachai Theatre's recent "Scenes From the Big Picture".

Scott Cummins (L), fight choreographer for "Dreams...", discusses a
sequence with playwright/director Charley Sherman.

Chris Hainsworth (L) is about to deliver a blow to Sean Bolger.

It's Scott Cummins' job to make sure the blow never connects but looks like it does.

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