Sunday, November 2, 2008

"DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE" ---Rehearsal cast shots

By J David Moeller

Chicago; -The rehearsal process for an original script/play is long and gruelingly intense as both the playwright and cast are seeing the work "enlivened" for the first time. Changes are made and concentration is crucial to glean the exact context and structure of each morsel of dialogue.

It's an exciting process, as the actors are creating their individual roles (in this show, most actors portray more than one character) and breathing life into them is a muchly rewarding experience.

Herewith are some of the actors in "Dreams..." actively engaged in their craft. Some, perhaps, more actively than others.

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Ron Kuzava takes a nap waiting for his cue.

Director/Playwright Charley Sherman (L) doing the directing of
Brian Amidei and Thomas Whittington

Casey Cunningham plays Lillith, who is on stage most of the play.

Brian A. and Kate Brown

A possible re-write in the new script for Thomas.

Thomas Whittington plays Walter Gilman -one of the central characters.

Chris Hainsworth (R) is threatened by Sean Bolger.

Ryan Patrick Dolan confronts Brian A.

Casey C. has a few Dreams of her own going "in the Witch House"

Opening November 16 at Chicago's Atheneaum Theater and running through December 21.

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